Can I lay on my side after ACL surgery?

Can I sleep on my side after ACL reconstruction?

You can sleep on your back or side. Do not rest your knee with a pillow/towel under. It is very important to keep your knee straight. You will need a walking aid after your operation as you are likely to have a reduced weight-bearing (partial weight-bearing) capacity through your operated leg for two weeks.

How do you sleep after ACL surgery?

Sleep with your knee raised, but not bent. Put a pillow under your foot. Keep your leg raised as much as you can for the first few days. You can use a brace and crutches to move around the house to do daily tasks.

How long after ACL surgery can you sleep on your side?

Around the 6 week mark, once your physician gives you the greenlight, you may be able to return to sleeping in your preferred position (such as on your stomach or surgical side). Until then, stick to these positions.

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Should you sleep with your leg elevated after ACL surgery?

Rest and elevate your leg (above the level of your heart if possible) for the first 24 hours by placing a pillow under your calf and/or ankle. Do NOT place a pillow under your knee as it will keep you from straightening your knee. POSSIBLE. Start physical therapy (PT) within the first week after surgery.

What is the fastest way to recover from ACL surgery?

7 tips to make recovery from ACL reconstruction surgery easier

  1. Control your pain. High pain levels will stop you from doing the necessary exercises. …
  2. Reduce swelling. …
  3. Restore full straightening. …
  4. Get the knee bending. …
  5. Don’t forget about the kneecap. …
  6. Get the quads going. …
  7. WALK.

How can I be comfortable in bed after ACL surgery?

How to get a good nights sleep after an ACL surgery

  1. Ice your knee before bed for 20 minutes. …
  2. Sleep in a recliner if you are struggling to get comfortable in bed. …
  3. Talk to your doctor about sleep aids if you need them. …
  4. Take your pain medication just before bed. …
  5. Sleep with a pillow between your knees.

Is it bad to delay ACL surgery?

A delay of more than six months increases the risk of further damage and degeneration of the involved knee.

How long after ACL surgery can you walk without a brace?

Most patients will walk without a brace or crutches by 14 days after surgery.

How long until you can bend your knee after ACL surgery?

When the patient can control their range of motion progression, their perceived threat is reduced and motion often comes back easier. Knee flexion is restored more gradually, with about 90 degrees achieved at 1 week and full knee flexion gradually advanced and achieved by week 4-6.

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How long will I be on pain meds after ACL surgery?

This medication should be taken ONLY for the first two days. Then you should take Advil or Aleve for the next 2-3 weeks after surgery to help minimize soreness, aching and swelling.

Why does my knee still hurt a year after ACL surgery?

When an area of the body lacks mobility, then the body will have to compensate and move more somewhere else. This may not be painful immediately, but over time, it can increase the stress on one area, ie. the patella tendon, and in turn it can become irritated.