Can you drive after a LASIK consultation?

Can you drive after laser eye surgery consultation?

Driving. If your appointment is for a laser consultation your eyes will be dilated and you will not be able to drive, so please arrange either for someone to accompany you to your consultation or to drop you off and pick you up afterwards.

How long after LASIK can you drive?

You should not drive the day of your procedure.

However, you can resume driving after LASIK once you can see well enough to do so. This may be the very next day after your surgery!

Can you get LASIK the same day as consultation?

Absolutely. Whether you get LASIK on the same day you have your evaluation, maps and measurements done, or have the procedure take place on a separate day from all of that, you’re still getting the exact same laser eye surgery. As with all LASIK, results are permanent in most cases.

Can I watch TV after laser eye surgery?

It’s fine to watch TV after taking a nap following your LASIK procedure. However, smaller digital screens can irritate your eyes immediately after surgery.

Can I use my phone after Lasik surgery?

Give Your Eyes some Downtime after LASIK

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You’ll want to rest your eyes for the first day of your recovery in order to give them a chance to heal properly. As part of this rest, we recommend that you avoid looking at screens of any kind — TV, phone, computer or tablet — for 24 hours after LASIK.

How soon can I shower after LASIK?

Generally speaking, you should wait at least 24 hours after LASIK before washing your face. This is the same guideline that we give our patients for showering. As with showering, you need to avoid getting soap and water in your eyes for a minimum of several days.

What should you not do before LASIK consultation?

On the day of LASIK, don’t wear makeup, perfumes, or lotions. On the day of your procedure, don’t load up on heavy makeup, perfumes, or lotions. You should take a shower and make sure your face is clean of any contaminants the morning of LASIK. Make sure to skip any perfumes as well.

Do you need a consultation for LASIK?

Before choosing to have elective LASIK vision correction surgery, it is essential that you have a comprehensive eye exam and LASIK consultation. The eye exam may be performed separately by your family eye doctor, and your LASIK surgeon will repeat measurements that are important for the surgical decision making.