Does Kaiser Cover LASIK Southern California?

How much does LASIK cost in California?

In some instances, these two examinations may be done on the same day. A Screening Consultation is performed to determine a patient’s eligibility for laser vision correction.

Faculty Surgical Fees.

Procedure Total Cost (per eye)
LASIK $2,500
PRK $2,500
SMILE $2,500
PCRI/AK $1,500

Is there an insurance that covers LASIK?

Health insurance usually doesn’t cover the cost of refractive or laser eye surgery, but some companies will pay the bill if certain criteria are met. Some insurance companies offer a vision plan which may provide a discounted price or apparent partial coverage for laser eye surgery.

How much does LASIK cost for prescription?

The cost of LASIK generally ranges between $1,500 and $3,000 per eye. One significant factor that account for discrepancies in the cost of LASIK depend on whether Wavefront (“Custom Cornea”) and All Laser or (“bladeless”) technologies are included in the fee.

What is the best age for laser eye surgery?

LASIK: 25-40

Generally speaking, most LASIK eye surgeons agree on 25-40 as the ideal age range for LASIK eye surgery candidacy for a few reasons. By the age of 25, eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions have most likely stabilized. A stable prescription is one of the hallmarks of a good LASIK candidate.

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How much does Lasik cost in Texas?

At Eyes Of Texas, we offer the highest quality and value to our clients. Our standard Customized LASIK eye surgery price is $2,000 per eye (cash, check, credit card, and outside financing) which includes the surgery, the facility fee, and post-operative care.

Does Lasik last forever?

But, LASIK is permanent. LASIK permanently corrects the vision prescription that you have at the time of surgery. This means that it cannot wear off. However, any underlying conditions such as presbyopia that progress over time can cause changes to your vision, making the original LASIK procedure less effective.

Is LASIK getting cheaper?

In fact, the price of LASIK has remained relatively stable for the past 10 years, while many other economic factors have risen. So much so, it is estimated that today’s LASIK is approximately 20-30 percent less expensive than it was just ten years ago.

Is LASIK worth it over 40?

Of course, LASIK eligibility depends on quite a few factors, several of which are unique from person to person. But the answer is generally yes – LASIK is worth it after 40. LASIK is safe and effective for patients older than 40 and produces the long-term value that this refractive surgery is known for.