Frequent question: How do you wrap an ankle after surgery?

How do they wrap your ankle after surgery?

The skin is wrapped in a soft cotton layer with a strip of hard plaster running down one side of your leg, under the heel and up the other. The splint in made to allow some swelling without damaging the skin or tissue around your surgery site.

How long do you have to keep your foot wrapped after surgery?

There may be some blood staining underneath the dressing, this is normal. 2. Leave the bandage on until your clinic appointment (10-14 days).

How long do ankle stitches take to heal?

Bone: 6-8 weeks. Tendons: 3-4 weeks. Ligaments: 3-4 weeks. Stitches: top of foot or leg: 2 weeks, bottom of the foot: 3 weeks.

How long should stitches stay in ankle?

If you have stitches, put a Band-Aid over your wound once you have taken off the dressing. You will need to wear Band-Aids for the next 7 to 10 days (until the stitches are taken out). Your stitches should be taken off in 12 to 14 days.

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How do you dress a wound on the bottom of your foot?

Cuts on the foot are best treated by thoroughly cleaning the area with an antibacterial soap such as Dial, and then applying an antiseptic like Merthiolate or Betadine. The cut should be kept covered with sterile gauze dressing until a scab is well-formed, which normally takes several days.

Can I unwrap my foot after surgery?

About 6 hours after surgery, you should loosen the bandage due to swelling. Unwrap the elastic Ace bandage, but do not remove for white bandage underneath. Immediately rewrap the Ace a little looser. Swelling is usually the greatest 24-48 hours after surgery.

Should you keep a sprained ankle wrapped overnight?

You should apply a compression bandage as soon as a sprain occurs. Wrap your ankle with an elastic bandage, such as an ACE bandage, and leave it on for 48 to 72 hours. Wrap the bandage snugly, but not tightly.

Is it better to tape an ankle or wear a brace?

Both ankle taping and wearing an ankle brace during sports and activity can reduce the risk of an ankle injury, however, an ankle brace is generally considered the best choice for ankle protection. … A good ankle brace will mimic the effects of ankle taping using prefabricated sleeves with adjustable straps.

What do you do for a rolled ankle?


  1. Rest. Avoid activities that cause pain, swelling or discomfort.
  2. Ice. Use an ice pack or ice slush bath immediately for 15 to 20 minutes and repeat every two to three hours while you’re awake. …
  3. Compression. To help stop swelling, compress the ankle with an elastic bandage until the swelling stops. …
  4. Elevation.
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Is it OK to wiggle toes after ankle surgery?

After 72 hours

Unless you have had toe surgery we suggest that you wiggle your toes for 15 seconds and rest for 15 seconds.