Frequent question: How long is recovery after Morton’s neuroma surgery?

How long does Morton’s neuroma surgery take to heal?

Neuroma surgery recovery

Recovery after Morton’s neuroma (neurectomy) surgery is generally quick. Patients typically are walking on the operated foot in a post-surgical fr0m day one, and use the shoe for about, 2–4 weeks, depending on healing. Return to regular shoes is 2-6 weeks after the surgery.

What can I expect after Morton’s neuroma surgery?

It is normal to have “zinger-like” pains in the area of the surgery for several weeks or months afterward. Activity after surgery will be limited, and tenderness in the ball-of-foot is expected. Your walking will be slowed down for several weeks.

How long after Morton neuroma surgery can you walk?

After your surgery, your foot and ankle will be bandaged, and these bandages remain on for two weeks. You will be shown how to walk in your special orthopaedic shoe, which protects your foot. Most patients are able to go home on the same day as their operation.

Is surgery for Morton’s neuroma successful?

Surgical excision of a Morton’s neuroma results in good clinical results and high overall patient’s satisfaction in the long term. Multiple neuromas have worse outcome than single neuromas. Sensory deficits and concomitant foot and ankles disorders are common, but do not have an influence on patient’s satisfaction.

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How long does pain last after neuroma surgery?

It can take 4-6 months of painful recovery to fully recover from a redo Morton’s neuroma surgery.

Is neuroma surgery painful?

Should I expect pain after Morton’s neuroma surgery? Every procedure causes pain. We always strive to keep pain after Morton’s neuroma surgery as low as possible. The assigned anaesthetist will already start pain management during the procedure.

Do you need physical therapy after Morton’s neuroma surgery?

After we have treated you, you should consider Physical Therapy to help strengthen your muscles and correct any walking (gait) deficiencies that may have arisen due to your previous Morton’s pain. Orthotics also helps with gait abnormalities.

What does it feel like after Morton’s neuroma surgery?

The pain is usually quite localized and patients will often describe it as feeling like they are standing on a pebble or a nail. Some patients may also experience burning pain or numbness which radiates into the toes served by the affected nerve(s).

Do you wear a boot after Morton’s neuroma surgery?

The recovery time for an excision of Morton’s neuroma is generally short. For the first two weeks after Morton’s neuroma treatment you will be required to wear a post operative boot or sandal that allows you to walk without putting excessive pressure on the foot.