How bad does your bunion have to be to get surgery?

Is it worth getting bunion surgery?

In general, surgery for bunions is only recommended when pain from the bunion prevents a patient from wearing normal shoes and performing their normal daily activities. If your bunions only hurt when you are wearing pointy toed, high heeled shoes; surgery is not your best option.

What is the best age for bunion surgery?

You can be operated on at any age but 35-45 is still my best age with least risks and optimism.

How bad is bunion surgery?

The surgery is VERY painful.

Bunion surgery is not more painful than other surgeries, but the foot does tend to be more susceptible to pain and swelling. The location of the foot and the lack of soft tissue don’t help its case, but most pain is caused by agitation or a “throbbing” sensation.

What happens if you leave a bunion untreated?

If bunions are left untreated for too long, they can continue to grow in size, twisting the other toes out of alignment and giving the side of the foot a swollen or bent appearance. The toe joint might develop callouses where the bunion rubs against shoes.

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Do bunions get worse with age?

As we age, our feet spread, and the problems tend to get worse. Factors that may contribute to bunions include: Genetics. Bunions can run in the family.

Can you be too old for bunion surgery?

There’s no cut-and-dry rule regarding an age limit for bunion surgery. Seniors can visit a podiatrist serving the Sugar Land area to find out if the procedure might be right for them.

How long does bunion surgery take?

Your surgeon places stitches and bandages on your toe to help the area heal properly. The whole process can take anywhere from 45 min to 3 hours depending on the severity of the bunion and what needs to be performed to correct it.

Has anyone ever died from bunion surgery?

WILLIAMSBURG – Mary Buckley died in October, but another chapter of her story took place Wednesday in a hotel conference room.

Do bunions grow back after surgery?

When bunions become severe, painful, or interfere with walking, surgery can be performed to realign the bones. Unfortunately, for many patients, bunions gradually return after surgery — previous studies have reported recurrence rates of up to 25 percent.

Do screws stay in after bunion surgery?

-It is necessary to remove the 2 screws (around 3 months after your bunion surgery) since they cross over a functioning joint. If we don’t take them out, there will be a low grade ache and eventually they will both break.