How effective is disc replacement surgery?

Is disc replacement surgery successful?

The authors reported a clinical success rate as defined by the FDA (≥ 15-point improvement in ODI, freedom from device failure or serious device-related adverse events, maintenance/improvement in neurological status) of 87.5% and a return to work rate of 75.9%. No device failure or major complications were noted.

What is the success rate of cervical disc replacement surgery?

The success rate for artificial cervical disc replacements is over 95 percent. This modern surgical procedure improves strength and resolves numbness and associated arm symptoms (ie; arm weakness, tingling, burning, numbness).

How long does it take to recover from disc replacement surgery?

Your recovery may take from a few weeks to a few months. A lumbar disk replacement generally improves pain, but it does not eliminate it completely. Talk with your doctor to get a realistic idea about what you can expect after this surgery.

Is artificial disc replacement safe?

Cervical artificial disc replacement surgery is a relatively safe procedure, but it is not without risks. Before a final decision is made about surgery, it is advisable to learn about the procedure’s risks and potential complications.

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Is disc replacement surgery painful?

There is usually some pain and discomfort in the days and weeks following cervical artificial disc replacement (ADR) surgery. Most commonly, the recovering patient has some pain and soreness at the incision site at the front of the neck. Other symptoms may also be present, such as trouble with swallowing or speaking.

What can you not do after cervical disc replacement?

Certain activities need to be limited or avoided during the first week or two after surgery:

  1. Excessive neck movements. …
  2. Heavy lifting. …
  3. Baths or other water submersion. …
  4. Driving. …
  5. Running or other vigorous activities.

What is the best cervical artificial disc?

11 Cervical Artificial Disc to Know..!

  • 1.- PRODISC C Vivo | Centinel Spine.
  • 2.-MOVE C | NGMedical.
  • 4.- GRANVIA-C™ | Medicrea.
  • 5.-M6-C™ | Orthofix.
  • 6.-Simplify Cervical Disc | Simplify Medical.
  • 7.-Mobi-C | Zimmer Biomet.
  • 8.- SECURE®-C | Globus Medical.

How long does pain last after disc replacement?

Pain should improve over the first few days such that you can switch to acetaminophen or NSAIDs like ibuprofen or naproxen. Most people no longer need any pain medications 10 to 14 days after cervical artificial disc replacement surgery. Some patients have persistent or delayed onset of nerve pain.

How long does a lumbar disc replacement last?

The average age of a patient needing a lumbar disc replacement is about 35 years. This means that to avoid the need for revision surgery, the artificial disc must last at least 50 years.

What can you do after disc replacement surgery?

Most surgeons will recommend some core strengthening exercises and then some very gradual range of motion exercises with the neck. Doctors typically recommend against bending your head backwards or jogging for a minimum of two months after surgery, but again it depends on the disc that is being replaced.

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