How long after ACL surgery can you return to sports?

Can you return to sports 6 months after ACL surgery?

Final verdict: Return to sport after ACL reconstruction should occur after passing all return to sport testing AND greater than 9 months following surgery. For some, this means return is delayed well beyond 9 months as they work to meet objective criteria for return to sport.

What’s the criteria for an ACL patient to return back to sport?

1) has been used for 37 years as the clinical decision making model for criteria for return to sport in the setting of an ACL reconstruction by the senior author.

Table 2.

Test Men Women
Jump test (bilaterally) 90–100%/height 80–90%/height
Hop tests (uninvolved) 80–90%/height 70–80%/height

When can I return to soccer after ACL surgery?

We encourage them to try and give it 9-12 months (at a minimum). Time questions aside, we don’t recommend a return to Level I sport (soccer, basketball, football) after an ACL surgery until there is no pain with activity, no swelling, full range of motion, good stability, strength close to equal to the opposite side.

What happens at 6 months after ACL surgery?

At 6 months post-op, you’re still probably learning proper motor control for vital movements like cutting or lateral shuffling. This means you actually aren’t yet ready to get back out onto the field, which brings up an important point about this first RTS: you’re not going to pass it.

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How can I speed up my ACL recovery?

The accelerated ACL post-op rehab protocol includes:

  1. Eliminating swelling by lying down with the knee above the heart for the first seven days.
  2. Full extension exercises beginning the day of surgery.
  3. Hospital stay for 23 hours.
  4. Weight-bearing allowed as tolerated for bathroom privileges.

How long can you run after ACL surgery?

In most cases, three months is just enough time for the structure of the ACL graft to have healed enough to withstand forces of running.

Will my knee ever be the same after ACL surgery?

Long-term results after anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery aren’t always perfect. But for the majority of patients, the outcome is favorable and patients are happy with the results. In this study, the authors take a look at knee joint range-of-motion 10 to 14 years after ACL reconstruction.

Why is tearing your ACL so bad?

Like all ligaments, the ACL takes a very long time to heal. The reason is because ligaments are poorly vascularized. In other words, there aren’t many blood vessels to provide nutrients for the ligaments, and without nutrients, tissue repair is not possible. Oftentimes, ACL tears require a surgical graft.