How long are you in the hospital for a Panniculectomy?

How long is recovery time for a Panniculectomy?

It takes 2-4 months for the incision to heal (inside and outside). The puckering of the incisions will smooth out over several months, but the scar will remain wide and red anywhere from six months to one year after surgery.

Is a Panniculectomy an outpatient procedure?

The average amount of skin and tissue removed during a panniculectomy is about 16 pounds, though it can be as high as 49 pounds. Despite the patient having general anesthesia, a panniculectomy can be an outpatient procedure.

Is Panniculectomy major surgery?

Panniculectomy is a major surgery that can require weeks or months to fully heal. However, if you’re dealing with extra skin after weight loss, it can help make a difference in your health and improve your quality of life.

How soon can you drive after a Panniculectomy?

Start walking as soon as possible, as this helps to reduce swelling and lowers the chance of blood clots. Do not drive for 3 weeks following surgery or until you have full range of motion in your legs and no discomfort in your abdomen when lifting your legs. No lifting greater than 5 lbs. for 6 weeks after surgery.

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How many sizes do you lose with a Panniculectomy?

The average woman can expect to lose two to three dress sizes after a tummy tuck, while men can expect to drop several pant sizes.

How bad is the pain after a Panniculectomy?

Panniculectomy recovery

There should be no heavy lifting or strenuous activities for a few weeks following your procedure. Panniculectomy patients can expect pain and discomfort from swelling and bruising at the incision sites. Your stitches may be removed within a week while deeper sutures dissolve on their own.

What happens during a Panniculectomy?

During a panniculectomy, your surgeon will make two cuts into the abdominal wall to remove excess skin in the middle. Then the bottom portion of skin is reattached to the top via suturing.

Where do they cut you for a Panniculectomy?


  • You will receive general anesthesia . …
  • The surgeon may make a cut from under your breast bone to just above your pelvic bone.
  • A horizontal cut is made in your lower belly, just above the pubic area.
  • The surgeon will remove the overhanging extra skin and fat, called an apron or pannus.

How do I lose my apron belly?

It’s impossible to spot treat an apron belly. The only ways to reduce one are through overall weight reduction and surgical/non-surgical options.

How much weight do you lose after Panniculectomy?

In most cases, patients lose a minimal amount, typically under five pounds. Other patients with more extensive loose skin may lose between 5 – 10 pounds, and, sometimes, even more.

Do Panniculectomy scars go away?

Like all surgical scars, abdominoplasty scars will never go away completely, but most patients feel they are well worth the benefits of achieving the smooth and flat abdominal contour they desire. Dr.

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How much weight do you lose after skin removal surgery?

But even after working hard at losing weight, pounds and pounds of heavy skin can stick around and cause both physical and psychological pain. Thankfully, excess skin removal surgery can eliminate 15 pounds or more of weight and help you conquer all of your weight loss goals.

How much drainage is normal after Panniculectomy?

A ballpark is 30mL of drainage or less over a few consecutive 24 hour periods. Generally the first drain is removed one week post-operatively and the second drain shortly thereafter when appropriate levels have been reached.

How do you sleep after a Panniculectomy?

The main takeaway is to sleep in a bent or jackknife position after a Tummy Tuck Near Me, preferably on your back. The best way to achieve this is to use a recliner, although a few extra pillows under your back is a good substitute.

How long do I wear a binder after Panniculectomy?

An abdominal binder will need to be worn continuously for the first 2 weeks. After two weeks, the binder may be removed at night, although full-time use is preferable. The binder may be discontinued after 6 weeks.