How long does LANAP surgery take?

How long does laser gum surgery take?

How long does laser gum therapy take? In most cases, two 2-hour sessions are all that are needed to treat periodontal disease (although ongoing care may be necessary over the years to further protect teeth). By contrast, traditional gum therapy generally takes longer, requiring several one-hour sessions.

What can I expect after LANAP surgery?

Starting seven to ten days after treatment, mushy, soft foods are allowable. Soft foods have the consistency of pasta, fish, chicken or steamed vegetables. You may then gradually add back your regular diet choices. Please remember that even after ten days, healing is not complete.

Is LANAP surgery painful?

Does the LNAP Procedure hurt? The LANAP procedure is completed as the patient is under a local anesthetic of the treated areas. This allows the dentist to precisely direct the laser, and post-procedure discomfort is typically minimal and does not last long.

What is the average cost for LANAP surgery?

You can expect to pay between $1000 – $2650 for LANAP treatment. However, like any medical treatment, it’s best to speak with your oral health care provider first.

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When can I brush my teeth after laser gum surgery?

Try to keep your mouth as clean as possible in order to help the healing process. Brush, floss, and follow other home-care measures in all the areas of your mouth except for the surgical areas. You may begin brushing in the surgical sites in 7 days. You can begin flossing in 10 days.

How long does it take to heal after laser gum surgery?

You may also resume normal teeth brushing at this time, but it is still advised to be proceed carefully and gently. The amount of time it takes to heal after laser gum surgery depends on the severity of the disease. Generally, healing in the surface area takes 2 to 4 weeks to completely heal.

What can you not do after LANAP surgery?

For 6-8 weeks following surgery, DO NOT EAT candy, cookies, chips, nuts, raw vegetables, salads, anything hard or crunchy or anything with seeds or hard pieces, including meat that shreds and can lodge under the gum and between teeth. Stay away from spicy foods. DO NOT CHEW GUM.

Can I brush my teeth after LANAP surgery?

After a week, gently brush the teeth by placing the bristles of the brush on the teeth away from the gum line and roll the bristles toward the biting surface. You may carefully brush the chewing surfaces of the teeth. Do not stick the bristles into the gums. Regular brushing can resume 2 weeks after surgery.

Does LANAP really work?

Effectiveness of LANAP

Studies on LANAP procedure show positive results, such as less tooth loss after laser surgery, as compared to traditional surgery. It also has been shown to increase new tissue attachments between gum and bone after treatment, and aid in gum regeneration for periodontal patients.

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Can I drive after LANAP surgery?

The dentist treats one half of the patient’s mouth at each session, and most patients are able to drive themselves back to work or home following the procedure.

Will LANAP save my teeth?

Saves loose teeth: With LANAP, patients can save their natural teeth, especially if they have loosened due to periodontal disease and cannot be saved through conventional treatments.

Do gums grow back after LANAP?

LANAP surgery stands for Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure. It treats periodontitis by actually regenerating tissue. Yes, you heard right. The gums will actually grow back with this procedure.