How long does spinal stimulator surgery take?

Are you put to sleep for spinal cord stimulator surgery?

Regardless of the type of spinal cord stimulator you receive, it’s an outpatient procedure done under general anesthesia. The implants are anchored down in a midline incision in your back; then, the wires are run under the skin to a small pocket your surgeon will make on the side of the back or in one of your glutes.

What can I expect after a spinal cord stimulator implant post op?

Following your surgery, you will likely feel some discomfort at the incision sites for several days. This incisional pain feels like a bruise. If you notice any swelling, pain, or redness near your incision, notify your doctor. Once your incision has healed, the neurostimulator site requires no special care.

Is a spinal cord stimulator an outpatient procedure?

The surgery is outpatient and you should plan on being at the Surgery Center or Hospital for 6 hours. There are certain activities that should be avoided for 6-8 weeks after the surgery to prevent movement of the implanted leads.

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How long will I be off work after spinal cord stimulator surgery?

Recovery usually takes about one to two weeks. However, this varies from person to person. In order to aid the recovery period, here are some tips we recommend to our patients once they leave our clinic: Do not lift heavy objects.

Why can’t you drive with a spinal cord stimulator?

Your doctor will provide you with a medical ID card that authorizes and explains the device. Additionally, driving is not recommended when your spinal cord stimulator is powered on. Although the electrical impulses are not painful, they can be distracting when driving.

Who is a good candidate for a spinal cord stimulator?

The best candidates for SCS treatment are patients who suffer from chronic back or neck pain that’s not related to movement. SCS can also benefit patients who have pain remaining after back surgery that is not due to movement, as well as patients with conditions including: Lumbar radiculopathy. Sciatica.

Is spinal cord stimulator surgery painful?

As with any surgery—even a minimally invasive one—the initial recovery period following spinal cord stimulation implantation can be painful. Light activities can often be resumed after two to three weeks, but complete recovery may take six to eight weeks.

When can I shower after spinal cord stimulator surgery?

The surgical dressings should be left on for 3 days after surgery. Then after 3 days, you may shower but you should not scrub your incision or soak in a pool, hot tub or tub bath for at least two weeks. It is ok to gently pat it dry.

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What can I expect after SCS surgery?

Following your surgery, you’ll be asked to restrict certain activities for 4-6 weeks, including: Lifting objects over 5 pounds. Excessive bending, twisting, stretching, or pulling items toward you. Raising your elbows above your head.

How do you prepare for a spinal cord stimulator?

Do not have anything to eat or drink for 6 hours prior to your scheduled trial. The trial is outpatient and you should plan on being there for 3-4 hours. You will receive an antibiotic to prevent infection. Let your TCPC provider know if you have any allergies to antibiotics.

What are the side effects of a spinal cord stimulator?


May include: undesirable change in stimulation (uncomfortable, jolting or shocking); hematoma, epidural hemorrhage, paralysis, seroma, infection, erosion, device malfunction or migration, pain at implant site, loss of pain relief, and other surgical risks.

What can’t you do with a spinal cord stimulator?

Starting a New Regimen with a Spinal Cord Stimulator

After the device is implanted, you need to avoid bending, lifting, twisting, and stretching to give the body time to heal.