Is Lanap osseous surgery?

Is LANAP considered surgery?

Healing Time- LANAP® does not require surgical cutting and sutures and is selective in the tissue it removes, allowing for rapid healing. The laser kills the bacteria and reduces inflammation, preserving and supporting healthier tissue.

What is osseous laser surgery?

Laser Assisted Osseous Surgery is a localized treatment to treat infected tissue and bone around teeth with periodontal disease. This localized treatment usually will last approximately one hour to treat an area or longer to treat multiple areas. It is common to quickly return to work or other activities.

Does LANAP regrow bone?

LANAP may be an effective option for the regeneration of bone tissue that has been damaged due to bacteria, disease, and other issues.

Is there an alternative to osseous surgery?

What is LANAP? LANAP stands for Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure and is a form of laser periodontal surgery that fights advanced periodontal disease. It’s a great alternative to painful, traditional osseous surgery, which typically comes with a longer recovery time and is considered a more invasive procedure.

Does the Lanap procedure hurt?

It’s painful.

Despite anesthetic, the use of a scalpel to remove tissue means recovery will be painful. Your periodontist may prescribe medications to help you manage the pain, but even then, there is still a level of discomfort.

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Do gums grow back after LANAP?

LANAP surgery stands for Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure. It treats periodontitis by actually regenerating tissue. Yes, you heard right. The gums will actually grow back with this procedure.

Do I need osseous surgery?

In cases where the disease has progressed beyond response to nonsurgical treatments, osseous surgery can help restore healthy gum and bone tissue. You may be recommended this treatment if you have minimal bone tissue left to support your teeth.

Do gums grow back after osseous surgery?

Do gums grow back after osseous surgery? Gums can grow back if the dentist uses gum tissue grafts during osseous surgery. If you have significant loss of gum tissues, the dentist may plant gum tissue grafts to encourage dental gum regeneration.

Do I really need osseous surgery?

Osseous surgery is needed only when non-surgical treatment is not an option. Most people are able to keep their teeth and gums healthy with daily oral hygiene that is founded on brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing. This practice helps remove plaque, the bacterial film that causes gum disease.

Will LANAP save my teeth?

Saves loose teeth: With LANAP, patients can save their natural teeth, especially if they have loosened due to periodontal disease and cannot be saved through conventional treatments.

Is LANAP covered by medical insurance?

Will insurance companies cover the LANAP protocol? Like with any disease condition, insurance companies usually have coverage for treatment. Periodontal disease treatment is covered by most insurance carriers, but varies by carrier and clinician. Speak with your doctor about your coverage plan.

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What is the average cost for LANAP surgery?

You can expect to pay between $1000 – $2650 for LANAP treatment. However, like any medical treatment, it’s best to speak with your oral health care provider first.