Is shoulder labrum surgery a major surgery?

How long does labrum shoulder surgery take?

Surgical debridement or arthroscopic stabilization of a labral tear normally takes two hours to complete. You may be given an interscalene block, also referred to as regional anesthesia, to numb your shoulder and neck area. This is administered with an injection in the side of your neck.

How painful is shoulder labrum surgery?

Week of Surgery

You will be in pain, and although you can mask that pain with pain medications, you may discover that doing so prevents you from taking care of your responsibilities. Your doctor will give you a sling, which he or she will advise you to wear for anywhere between two and four weeks.

How long do you stay in the hospital after labrum surgery?

You may have to stay in the hospital for two to five days. After surgery for acetabular labral tears, some patients remain in the hospital for as long as two to five days.

How bad is labrum surgery?

Potential complications of labrum repair

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Instrument breakage during surgery. Joint stiffness or damage to other joint structures. Nerve damage. Persistent symptoms.

What can you not do after labrum surgery?

You may not soak in a bathtub or go swimming until your sutures have been removed and your incisions are well healed. You should remove your sling/immobilizer to shower, but if you had a repair, you must keep your arm at your side. It may be helpful to sleep in a recliner initially after your surgery.

Is labral tear surgery worth it?

Doctors recommend labral tear surgery to patients who they think are good candidates—these patient are not at high risk for surgical complications and are likely to have good postsurgical results. For other patients, a hip replacement or other hip surgery may be considered.

Is arthroscopic shoulder surgery worth it?

Shoulder arthroscopy is a safe and effective procedure — today’s minimally invasive techniques shorten recovery times and reduce the risk of complications. Shoulder injuries can be painful and debilitating, and the prospect of undergoing surgery to correct the problem just adds to the stress for many patients.

When can you drive after labrum shoulder surgery?

DRIVING: Please do not attempt driving for about 3-4 weeks after surgery. This is for your safety, as well as other drivers- please do not attempt to drive with only one hand. Reasons for no driving post operatively: A quick, reactive motion of the shoulder while driving could damage your surgical repair.

Can I move my arm after labrum surgery?

You will be allowed to actively move your elbow, wrist, and hand. There will range of motion limitations in which your therapist will guide you. With labral repairs specific caution is taken with shoulder rotation away from your body, especially in combination with your arm out to your side.

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Can you fix a torn labrum without surgery?

If you find yourself feeling improvements within three months of physical therapy, chances are your labral tear can be managed without surgical intervention.

What happens if a labral tear goes untreated?

If left untreated, acetabular labral tears may become a mechanical irritant to the hip joint, which can increase friction in the joint and speed the progress of osteoarthritis in your hip.

Does a shoulder labral tear hurt all the time?

In most cases, a labrum SLAP tear doesn’t hurt all the time. The pain usually happens when you use your shoulder to do a task, especially an overhead activity. You may also notice: A catching, locking, or grinding feeling.