Quick Answer: When does physical therapy start after Achilles tendon surgery?

How long before you can walk after Achilles tendon surgery?

You will need to wear a cast or walking boot that keeps your foot and ankle from moving for 6 to 12 weeks after surgery. You can use crutches to move around the house to do daily tasks. Do not put weight on your leg without these until your doctor says it is okay.

How long is physical therapy after Achilles tendon surgery?

After 10 weeks you should be able to walk normally as your Achilles tendon is healed. Still, the therapist will have you do exercises such as cross-over hops, straight knee and eccentric calf-drops, Frankenstein walks and exercises that involve your whole body, such as punch lunges, A-walks and jogs on a treadmill.

When can you start rehab after Achilles surgery?

At 4 to 6 months: You should be back to full activity, but you won’t be totally recovered until about a year after surgery. Even then, your strength might never get back to 100%.

How bad is the pain after Achilles tendon surgery?

While every recovery is different, patients often experience the following after Achilles tendon surgery: Swelling. Your ankle and lower leg may be swollen or bruised after surgery. In addition to over-the-counter pain relievers, you may want to elevate the foot and put ice on the area for the first few days.

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When can you sleep without boot after Achilles surgery?

After 2 – 8 Weeks Post Operatively

At all other times, boot must remain on including for sleep.

How long does it take to weight bearing after Achilles surgery?

(Total time until boot removal is 3-4 months). Surgical repair of an Achilles can usually be performed through a small (3/4”) incision, and requires just 3-4 weeks non-weight bearing and an additional 2-3 weeks in a walking boot.

How can I speed up my Achilles recovery?

To speed the process, you can:

  1. Rest your leg. …
  2. Ice it. …
  3. Compress your leg. …
  4. Raise (elevate) your leg. …
  5. Take anti-inflammatory painkillers. …
  6. Use a heel lift. …
  7. Practice stretching and strengthening exercises as recommended by your doctor, physical therapist, or other health care provider.

Can you fully recover from Achilles tear?

Professional or weekend warrior, Achilles injuries don’t discriminate. And they can often require a year or longer to fully recover, including rehab.

Can you walk on ruptured Achilles?

Patients with rupture of the Achilles tendon can still walk. Patients with rupture of the Achilles tendon can still actively move the ankle up and down. Patients with an Achilles tendon rupture may even manage to stand on tiptoes (on both feet together — though not on the injured limb alone).

How successful is Achilles tendon surgery?

Both open and percutaneous surgeries are successful. More than 80 out of 100 people who have surgery for an Achilles tendon rupture are able to return to all the activities they did before the injury, including returning to sports.

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