What can go wrong with glaucoma surgery?


What can you not do after glaucoma surgery?

What should I avoid following glaucoma surgery?

  1. Exercise, such as running, or lifting more than 10 pounds.
  2. Bending, lifting or straining.

How many years does glaucoma surgery last?

The rate of success for a trabeculectomy is 80% at 5 years. Anytime during the post-operative period, the surgery may stop working. Post-op care, with frequent visits to the surgeon, is critical for success.

Does glaucoma come back after surgery?

Glaucoma surgery is an effective method of controlling the disease. The surgeries, however, DO NOT “cure” glaucoma. The goals of surgery are to lower the pressure so as to protect the optic nerve from continued damage. The surgeries do not restore sight which has already been lost.

How serious is glaucoma surgery?

Glaucoma surgery can make you more likely to get cataracts later. Other possible risks include: Eye pain or redness. Eye pressure that’s still too high or even too low.

What does vision look like with glaucoma?

Our study found that the most common symptoms reported by all patients, including those with early or moderate glaucoma, were needing more light and blurry vision. Vision loss in patients with glaucoma is not as simple as the traditional view of loss of peripheral vision or “tunnel vision.”

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How long after glaucoma surgery can I drive?

Beyond that, like recovery time, when you can begin driving after glaucoma surgery will depend on the patient or the surgery, with some patients reporting that they feel comfortable driving within a week, and others prefer to wait for up to two months.

What percentage of glaucoma patients go blind?

Blindness does occur from glaucoma but it is a relatively rare occurrence. There are around 120,000 cases of blindness in the United States and 2.3 million cases of glaucoma. This represents about 5% of glaucoma patients. However, sight impairment is more common and occurs in around 10% of patients.

Can glaucoma be stopped?

The damage caused by glaucoma can’t be reversed. But treatment and regular checkups can help slow or prevent vision loss, especially if you catch the disease in its early stages. Glaucoma is treated by lowering your eye pressure (intraocular pressure).

How many times can you have glaucoma surgery?

When laser surgery does not successfully lower eye pressure, or the pressure begins to rise again, the doctor may recommend incisional surgery. Occasionally, glaucoma surgery may have to be repeated especially if excessive scarring cannot be prevented or after long periods of time.

What are the complications of glaucoma?

Complications of glaucoma include:

  • Chronic corneal edema (loss of transparency)
  • Loss of central or side (peripheral) vision.
  • Loss of vision or changes in vision.