What is the best way to study for surgery shelf Reddit?

How do you study for surgical shelves?

How To Study For Surgery Shelf Exam

  1. Build your surgical foundation by reading good surgery textbooks. …
  2. Start doing questions as early as you can. …
  3. Learn from your rounds. …
  4. Follow a strict study schedule. …
  5. Study like you would take the medicine shelf…

Is UWorld enough for surgery shelf?

Try to get through all of them at least once, and preferably twice, before you take your Surgery Shelf. We generally recommend doing your first pass through UWorld at the beginning of the clerkship, which will prepare you to shine in your clinical evaluations as well as starting your preparations for the exam.

How do you study for shelves in medical school?

Your study strategy for shelf exams should generally be – daily reading and practice questions, plus 1-2 NBME practice exams about 1-2 weeks before the shelf exam.

Are shelf exams easier than UWorld?

The shelf was a touch easier than UWorld but still challenging. My UWorld was slightly below the average (only did about ~1300/1400 questions; did not do incorrects). My shelf was slightly above the average.

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How do I do well on surgical shelf exam?

The following techniques will help you maximize your performance on the surgery shelf:

  1. Pick a good book and start studying very early. …
  2. Once you’ve begun building your foundation, you should start to do questions as early as possible. …
  3. Spend more time rounding and less time in the OR.

What happens if you fail a Shelf exam?

4. What happens if you fail a Shelf exam? Because medical schools often use the Shelf exams to measure their students’ proficiency from clinical rotations, failure of a Shelf exam can risk failure of the rotation for the corresponding clinical subject.

How do I pass a Shelf exam?

Try to take at least one practice exam a week or two before the shelf exam. No matter what your score, remember that you still have one to two weeks of studying. If you can’t fit one in that far in advance, try not to take a practice exam in the last few days before the real deal.

Is OnlineMedEd good for surgery Shelf?

OnlineMedEd is a great addition to the above, especially if you have a commute or just can’t read or do questions at the end of the day.

What is a good shelf exam score?

A student must receive a minimum overall score of at least ≥ 56, an NBME Shelf Exam score > 5th percentile, an SP Exam score >2 SD below the mean to be eligible for a Pass.

Is amboss good for surgery shelf?

If you’re looking for more practice questions, AMBOSS is a great resource for extra practice. It’s side-by-side interlinked explanations and content guides are great for reviewing high-yield points during a practice block or in the hallway outside the OR minutes before a procedure.

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Is the surgery shelf curved?

There is no curve. For the scaled score, a 70 on an easy exam should equal a 70 on a hard exam. They adjust the scaled score based on difficulty level. For example, if an exam is harder, you would need to get fewer answers correct to get a 70.