What is the recovery time for LINX surgery?

Is Linx surgery painful?

Usually pain is the worst the first few days after surgery. Some patients can experience temporary spasming in their esophagus that causes pain while eating. – If needed, take the liquid pain medication, as directed by your physician.

What can I eat after Linx surgery?

Avoid eating breads, toast, crust, and pizza for 3 weeks after your procedure. You may have difficulty eating pasta and rice. Short noodles such as macaroni and cheese and rice in soups are usually better tolerated.

Can you vomit after Linx surgery?

Will I be able to belch or vomit with LINX®? LINX® preserves normal physiological function so you can belch or vomit as needed.

How successful is Linx surgery?

The success rate for LINX is very high. Of the patients who undergo this procedure, 90 to 95 percent are able to stop taking medication completely and the remaining 5 to 10 percent rarely take medication. There are also several advantages to this procedure over the previous approaches used to treat GERD.

Is Linx better than Nissen?

Treatment with the LINX Reflux Management System diminishes costs compared to laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication (LNF). Also, LINX is less invasive comparatively. Currently, Nissen fundoplication is only the gold standard surgery for GERD [2]. Although, initial clinical trials show that LINX is more efficious and safe.

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Can I eat normally after Linx surgery?

After the LINX procedure is formed, your surgeon will recommend that you stick to a soft food diet for the first 24 hours. Soft foods are things that you can easily squish with your fingers, like noodles, whitefish and grapes, as well as other options like soup and yogurt.

Can you drink soda after Linx surgery?

In general, you should refrain from drinking carbonated beverages to avoid gassiness. Drinking warm liquids, such as tea, before a meal relaxes the muscle around the device. Some patients state that this has helped with food going down.

Does Linx surgery cause weight loss?

Potential Risks Associated with LINX System: belching, decreased appetite, device erosion, device migration (device does not appear to be at implant site), dysphagia (difficulty swallowing), flatulence, hiccups, inability to belch or vomit, infection, nausea, odynophagia (painful swallowing), pain, regurgita- tion, …

Who is not a candidate for Linx surgery?

Before considering a LINX® procedure, patients must undergo a careful evaluation that includes upper gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy and physiologic testing such as esophageal motility testing. Patients with weak esophageal peristalsis or hiatal hernias larger than 2 cm are not candidates for the LINX® procedure.

Is Linx surgery reversible?

The LINX® Reflux Management System (Torax Medical, St. Paul, MN, USA) is designed to provide a permanent solution to GERD by augmenting the sphincter barrier with a standardized, reproducible laparoscopic procedure that does not alter gastric anatomy and is easily reversible.

What is the best GERD surgery?

Laparoscopic fundoplication is the gold standard for surgical treatment of severe GERD and results in approximately 95% patient satisfaction. Robotic Nissen fundoplication is also very advantageous with good outcomes.

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Who is a good candidate for Linx?

Candidates for the LINX reflux management systems are patients ages 21-75 with typical symptoms of GERD for six months taking daily proton pump inhibitors (PPI) who continue to have symptoms. Diagnosis of GERD is defined by abnormal pH testing.

Is Linx surgery permanent?

Like the Nissen Fundoplication, the standard surgery for GERD, the LINX® System is a permanent solution for GERD but involves a much less invasive surgery than other acid reflux treatments.