You asked: How long after back fusion surgery can I play golf?


When can you play golf after spinal fusion?

Most surgeons indicated they would allow patients to return to golf at 6 months after lumbar fusion; however, shorter times were recommended for competitive golfers.

How long should you wait to play golf after back surgery?

Results: the most common recommended time for return to golf was 4-8 weeks after lumbar laminectomy and lumbar microdiscectomy, 2-3 months after anterior cervical fusion, and 6 months after lumbar fusion.

Can you golf after back surgery?

‘ In general, if you had a simple lumbar discectomy or a cervical procedure, you may golf again in about six weeks. If you underwent a lumbar fusion, you may be braced for three months, so the return is delayed to that time.

How long does it take muscles to heal after spinal fusion?

Typically, it can take from 3-6 months to recover from spinal fusion, including physical therapy. Increasing physical activity after a fusion will require restrictions for 6 months after surgery.

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Can you break a spinal fusion?

An instrumented fusion can fail if there is not enough support to hold the spine while it is fusing. Therefore, spinal hardware (e.g. pedicle screws) may be used as an internal splint to hold the spine while it fuses after spine surgery.

Is golf bad for degenerative disc disease?

The golf swing imparts a large amount of torque or twisting force on the spine. This can lead to an overload of the discs and small joints of the lower back as well as injuring the muscles of the lower back. This can lead to pain and loss of mobility of the lower back.

Can you play golf after a cortisone shot?

Cortisone will probably reduce the pain for a few months but may not change the length of time it takes the injury to heal. After receiving a cortisone injection, you should not play sports or use the arm forcefully for about two weeks.

Can golf cause herniated disc?

Treating Back Pain from Golf

Repeated and extreme movements can potentially cause disc injuries, including disc herniation or a ruptured disc.

What back surgeries did Woods have?

Tiger Woods, who had been suffering from back issues for years underwent this procedure using Centinel Spine’s STALIF M-Ti™, a fusion implant. His surgery involved implanting a state of the art product into the spinal column to alleviate back pain due to disc deterioration and spinal compression in the lower back.

Is lumbar discectomy major surgery?

Discectomy is a common but major surgery with significant risks and potential complications. You may have less invasive treatment options.

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How much pain is normal after spinal fusion surgery?

As the back continues to heal, patients usually start to feel better and find they can take on more activities. The worst pain is generally over by 4 weeks after surgery. Pain is likely to continue to decrease gradually, but some patients continue to have pain 3 to 6 months after surgery.

Can screws come loose after spinal fusion?

Pedicle screw loosening is a common complication after spine surgeries. Traditionally, it was assessed by radiological approaches, both X-ray and CT (computed tomography) scan, while reports using mechanical method to study screw loosening after spine surgery are rare.

How should I sleep after lumbar fusion?

Another way to sleep after spinal fusion surgery is on your side. Just like sleeping on your back, sleeping on your side helps reduce pain and pressure. Try to alternate between sleeping on your left and right side to distribute the pressure and benefit your spine’s alignment.