Your question: Can my dog recover from a slipped disc without surgery?

Can a slipped disc in a dog heal itself?

Recovery from a slipped disc can take several weeks to months, but with the right treatment, most dogs with mild symptoms have a good outlook and after recovery, lead a relatively normal life.

How long does a slipped disc take to heal?

Most people recover from a slipped disc within six weeks without treatment. Until then there are a number of treatment options that aim to help relieve the pain and improve mobility.

Do dogs need surgery for slipped disc?

Without rest, the disc can cause more trauma to the spinal cord, leading to paralysis and a need for emergency surgery.

What can I give my dog for a slipped disc?

If your dog can still walk, your veterinarian may recommend conservative treatment. Usually, this means 3–4 weeks of strict cage rest, along with steroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and potentially other pain medications.

What home remedy can I give my dog for back pain?

Dr. Gladstein says she often tells pet parents to place a heating pad on low power on the dog’s back for 10 minutes every hour to help relieve pain. That, combined with a few weeks of rest, is sometimes all that’s needed for the dog to heal from a mild back injury.

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How much is surgery for a dog with a slipped disc?

IVDD surgery itself can cost anywhere from $1500 to $4000, and that does not include costs for x-rays and other imaging techniques that will be required to properly prepare for the surgery.

How can I help my dog with a spinal injury?

Medication management is rare and typically consists of cage rest and steroids to help with inflammation as needed. One medication used is PEG, which if used within 72 hours of the injury, can prevent nerves from breaking completely and allow the spinal cord to heal better.

Can a slipped disc heal itself?

Usually a herniated disc heals on its own. So most of the time nonsurgical treatment is tried first, including: Heat or ice, exercise, and other steps at home to help with pain and make your back stronger.

What is the fastest way to recover from a slipped disc?

Treatment with rest, pain medication, spinal injections, and physical therapy is the first step to recovery. Most people improve in 6 weeks and return to normal activity. If symptoms continue, surgery may be recommended.

Is it OK to walk with a slipped disc?

While it may be tempting to refrain from all physical activity while you’re experiencing the pain or discomfort of a slipped disc, this can lead to muscle weakness and joint stiffness. Instead, try to remain as active as possible through stretching or low-impact activities such as walking.