Best answer: Is orthopedic surgery male dominated?

What percent of orthopedic surgeons are male?

Surgeon sex

For years, more than 90 percent of the orthopaedic workforce has been male (Fig. 3). The percentage of females has steadily increased, which is a promising trend toward diversity. The 2018 OPUS Survey shows an increase in the percentage of females among younger orthopaedic surgeon groups (Fig.

What is the most male dominated medical specialty?

Male-dominated specialties

  • Orthopedic surgery—84.6%.
  • Neurological surgery—82.5%.
  • Interventional radiology (integrated)—80.8%.
  • Thoracic surgery—78.2%.
  • Pain medicine—75.3%.
  • Radiology—73.2%.

Are most orthopedic surgeons men?

Men make up 95% of orthopedists – Orthopedics has the lowest percentage of women of any medical specialty. While more women have chosen orthopedic surgery as a specialty, there is still a large gender gap in the specialty. … This is up from 2010, when 4 percent were women. 2.

What percent of orthopedic residents are female?

Women represent only about 14 percent of orthopaedic trainees. At the present rate of growth, it would take about 85 years to have 30 percent representation by female trainees, the amount at which diversity is noted to have an impact.

How old are orthopedic surgeons?

Recent American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) surveys have shown the average full-time practicing orthopedic surgeon is 49.2 years old and the average age of part-time orthopedic surgeon is 66.7 years.

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What percent of orthopedic surgeons are black?

According to 2016 data from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), 4 percent of orthopedic surgery residents were African American, 5.4 percent Hispanic/Latino, and 0.2 percent Native American.

What is the coolest medical specialty?

Top 10 Medical Specialities With The Best Lifestyle

  • Dermatology. …
  • Anesthesiology. …
  • Ophthalmology. …
  • Pediatrics. …
  • Psychiatry. …
  • Clinical Immunology/Allergy. …
  • General/Clinical Pathology. …
  • Nephrology. A nephrologist treats diseases and infections of the kidneys and urinary system.

What are male dominated careers?

Examples of male-dominated occupations include electricians, computer network architects, and mechanical engineers.

Are most surgeons male?

The field of surgery is still male dominated. Medical school enrollments, on the other hand, are 50 percent women. When I began my career, the percentage was 15 to 20 percent. My class at Rush was 42 percent women, which was unusual.