How long is recovery after hip arthroscopy?

What can you not do after hip arthroscopy?

Things to Avoid Following Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

  • Sitting on low, soft surfaces.
  • Pivoting over the operated leg.
  • Crossing the legs so that the ankle is on the knee.
  • Lifting leg straight up.

How soon can you walk after hip labrum surgery?

If a labral repair is done, crutches may be needed 4-6 weeks. During this first 4 to 6 week period you will be walking around very slowly and sore. At about 6 weeks, most patients are ambulating normally and you can gradually increase the hip range of motion above 90 degrees.

When can I return to work after hip arthroscopy?

Return to work It is recommended you take a minimum of 4 weeks off from work. If your job allows you to work from home, you may begin this 1‐2 weeks after surgery. Even if you have a desk job, in the first few weeks after surgery you need to avoid prolonged sitting.

How do you sleep after hip arthroscopy?

You can sleep on either side but it may be more comfortable to sleep on your back or on the non-operated side. If you are sleeping on your side then it may be comfortable to put a pillow in between your knees. As with any surgery, you should expect some degree of pain.

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Can I bend after hip arthroscopy?

You should not bend your hip beyond 60 to 90 degrees for the first six to 12 weeks after surgery. Do not cross your legs or ankles, either. It’s best to avoid bending to pick things up during this period.

How do you poop after hip arthroscopy?

If your bowel movements are not regular right after surgery, try to avoid constipation and straining. Drink plenty of water. Your doctor may suggest fibre, a stool softener, or a mild laxative.

Is hip labral tear surgery worth it?

Doctors recommend labral tear surgery to patients who they think are good candidates—these patient are not at high risk for surgical complications and are likely to have good postsurgical results. For other patients, a hip replacement or other hip surgery may be considered.

Is it easy to Retear your hip labrum after surgery?

A torn labrum can usually be repaired with suture anchors during hip arthroscopy. Once the labrum has been repaired and all bony impingement has been corrected there is a very small chance that the labrum will re-tear.

Is arthroscopic hip surgery painful?

Moreover, muscles and tendons are detached from bones and the femoral head is dislocated from the hip socket in order to have a complete view of the joint. Patients of arthroscopic surgery usually experience less pain because there is less tissue that needs to heal.

How long do you wear brace after hip arthroscopy?

You will need to wear the hip brace for three weeks. Place it securely around your waist and thigh; this serves as a reminder to control hyperextension and abduction. You will need to wear this brace when you are walking with crutches and flat foot weight bearing.

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How long does the pain last after hip arthroscopy?

In most cases, you should be able to walk relatively free of pain about six to eight weeks following surgery. However, it could take three to six months or more to get back to an elite level of fitness. You can treat any unexpected increase in pain with ice and anti-inflammatory medicine.