Question: What was Emily’s surgery?

What surgery did Emily have on Rhoc?

In October 2020, Emily Simpson underwent breast implant removal surgery and a reverse tummy tuck by plastic surgeon Dr. Siamak Agha. Although The Real Housewives of Orange County mom has since healed from the procedure, she isn’t done with her body transformation journey just yet.

Does Emily Simpson have rheumatoid arthritis?

Emily Simpson Opens up About Her Recent Weight Gain and Body Issues: “I’m in So Much Pain” The Real Housewives of Orange County mom revealed that her struggle with arthritis led her to gain 15-20 pounds. One thing we love about Emily Simpson: She always keeps it real, especially when it comes to her body.

What was wrong with Emily’s hip?

Emily’s hip condition, known as femoroacetabular impingement syndrome (FAIS), can result in chronic pain and is associated with progressive osteoarthritis of the hip. “The reason her hip wore out prematurely is because her left hip had an abnormal shape,” says her orthopedic surgeon, Chris Mellano, MD.

How did Emily from Rhoc lose weight?

In her answer, she pointed out that she lost about 11% of her body fat but denied that she had any surgery. “I do get Botox and a little filler around my eyes because I have deep circles, but I’ve been doing that since my early 30s,” she wrote. This isn’t the first time Emily has talked about getting healthier.

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What does Emily Simpson do for a living?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | Still to Come Trailer | Bravo. She has a reported net worth of $800,000, which has been contributed to as a result of her career in copyright law. Emily is also a part-time party planner!

Are Shane and Emily still together RHOC?

Although their marriage was very much on the rocks last year, Emily and Shane Simpson from RHOC are still together in Season 15, having worked through some serious relationship issues.

Where is Emily Simpson from?

Emily Simpson – Orange County, California, United States | Professional Profile | LinkedIn.