Question: When can I drive after microfracture knee surgery?

How long does it take to recover from microfracture knee surgery?

Depending upon the location of the microfracture and the size of the defect, it can take anywhere from 4 to 7 months to be able to heal to the point where patients can increase their activities and potentially initiate occasional impact activities.

How long are you on crutches after microfracture surgery?

Crutches or a cane may be needed for six to eight weeks. Physicians generally recommend that you avoid putting all your weight on the injured knee for about six weeks. As soon as possible after surgery, you should begin passive motion exercises either with a physical therapist or using a CPM machine while in bed.

How long does it take to recover from microfracture?

Recovery time can be slow. Many people can go back to sports or other intense activities in about 9 to 12 months. Athletes in very intense sports may not be able to return to their former level. People under age 40 with a recent injury often have the best results.

Can you bend your knee after microfracture surgery?

If the microfracture injury is on the patella (kneecap), then all motion must be limited with no bending of the knee for as long as Dr. Camille Clinton prescribes. This period typically lasts for approximately 4 – 6 weeks.

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How do you sleep after microfracture surgery?

The best sleeping position just after your surgery is sleeping on your back. You should make sure that your operative leg stays as straight as possible to avoid hypertension of the knee and keep proper blood flow to the surgery site. If you are sleeping on your back, put the pillow under your calf and knee.

How successful is microfracture knee surgery?

The success rate:

Microfracture does not work for everyone. In degenerative knees it has been found to have about a 75% success rate. Twenty two percent of the patients remain unchanged and about three percent are made worse.

How long is non weight bearing after microfracture?

While there have been more recent publications of patients achieving satisfactory outcomes with early weightbearing after microfracture as soon as one to two weeks post-operation, most studies recommend a six- to eight-week period of non-weightbearing.

Can you run after microfracture surgery?

At 12 weeks post-surgery, most non-impact cardio work is allowed such as spinning, water running, elliptical, and treadmill walking.

How much does microfracture knee surgery cost?

“In terms of the surgery, the surgical procedure PPACs for microfracture was the least expensive procedure at just under $4,000, while ACI was the most expensive procedure at $10,000,” Zhang said.

Can you play sports after microfracture surgery?

Our study confirms that microfracture can successfully return athletes with knee articular cartilage defects to demanding, high-impact sports participation.