Quick Answer: Do all orbital fractures need surgery?


Do orbital fractures need surgery?

Often, the fracture occurs in the orbital floor or medial wall. While some orbital fractures do not require surgery, large fractures or fractures that cause enophthalmos or diplopia do necessitate a surgical procedure.

What happens if you don’t fix orbital fracture?

Surgeons have an inherent bias toward surgery, but operative fixation of orbital floor fractures is not without potential risk. Reported complications of orbital floor reconstruction include persistent ophthalmic dysfunction, ectropion (15), poor scarring, infection, implant extrusion and even blindness (16,17).

Is orbital fracture serious?

Most patients with any form of facial fracture — such as orbital — will experience moderate to severe pain, which needs to be managed. This is due to a relatively high density of sensory pain fibers in the facial and orbital regions, thus making pain symptoms significant.

When do orbital fractures need surgery?

Indications for surgery are enophthalmos (>2 mm), ocular motility dysfunction, and persistent diplopia in primary gaze or reading position, CT findings of ocular muscle impingement and over 50% of floor involvement, progressive V2 hypesthesia, and abnormal forced duction testing.

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Can orbital fracture heal without surgery?

Not all broken orbit bones need to be fixed. If the fracture site is not too big, if there is no bothersome double vision and if the eye doesn’t look sunken, many patients can be allowed to heal without the need for surgery.

How long does orbital fracture take to heal?

Conclusions: Orbital floor strength is regained 24 days after repair. The authors now let patients resume normal activities approximately 3 weeks after uncomplicated orbital floor fracture repair. This is one of many clinical factors in assessing the return to normal activities.

How do orbital fractures heal?

Medical Therapy. Most isolated medial wall orbital fractures require no treatment other than applying ice compresses, warning patients to avoid blowing their nose, and providing decongestants and systemic antibiotics.

Can you fly with an orbital fracture?

DISCUSSION. The majority of surgeons recommend avoidance of air travel following an acute orbital floor fracture due to concerns that the relative pressure decrease on ascent may exacerbate pre-existing orbital emphysema.

Is orbital fracture an emergency?

Orbital fractures are a common, potentially vision-threatening presentation to an emergency department. Appropriate early management and referral by the emergency medicine practitioner has a significant role in preventing cosmetic and functional sequelae of orbital trauma.

Can a orbital fracture heal on its own?

Some orbital wall fractures heal on their own, while others require surgery. Your doctor will discuss which treatment is right for you. Two types of surgery are used for orbital wall fractures: Traditional surgery, which requires an open incision.

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How much does orbital fracture surgery cost?

On MDsave, the cost of an Orbital Decompression ranges from $6,926 to $13,069. Those on high deductible health plans or without insurance can save when they buy their procedure upfront through MDsave.