Quick Answer: What is the maximum BMI for BBL surgery?

Can you get a BBL with a high BMI?

Although no such study exists in regards to BMI and BBL, my experience suggests that with BMI and BBL, satisfaction is inversely related. The higher the BMI, the less satisfied the patient. BBL is a unique procedure in that you need fat in order to obtain a good result.

What is the highest BMI for BBL?

Body Mass Index

Our limit of BMI for BBL is 33. You can calculate your BMI here. It is a number that calculates your body fat composition in accordance with your height. The reason this is important is that if this number is too high, then the risk during surgery increases.

What is a safe BMI for BBL surgery?

BMI for tummy tuck and combo procedures, like a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) and a breast augmentation, for example, must be 32 or less. If your BMI is currently too high for the procedure you would like done, there is still plenty of hope for you to lower your BMI.

Is there a weight limit to a BBL?

While there is no “right” weight for BBL surgery, Dr. … Generally speaking, patients with a normal to moderately elevated BMI are likely to have enough available fat to qualify for BBL surgery. The amount of fat required can also vary, however, depending on the patient’s body type, desired outcome, and more.

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How much does a skinny BBL cost?

What’s the Cost of a Skinny BBL? The average price of a Skinny BBL is approximately $9,500.

What happens to a BBL after years?

BBL results are meant to last for several years. The extracted fat cells with liposuction will not return to the donor area, and fat cells that survive the transfer to the buttocks will remain for years to come.

Can a plus size woman get a BBL?

If you’re plus-sized, but your surgeon says you’re suitable for a BBL, be aware the procedure could be different. Your surgeon will use liposuction to try to make your waist as small as he or she can. He or she will do this by removing excess fat from the love handles and stomach.

What happens if you gain weight with BBL?

When patients dramatically gain weight, or even lose weight, it can significantly affect BBL results and even the donor areas of the fat transfer. The grafted fat from donor sites acts the same in the buttocks, so it will expand and shrink with the body’s metabolism and weight changes.

Should you lose weight before getting a BBL?

Most plastic surgeons will recommend that you are close to your ideal body weight before undergoing a Brazilian butt lift procedure, but they also understand that it’s natural for some women’s weight to fluctuate.

What is a good BMI for plastic surgery?

Most Plastic Surgeons recommend that patients who are considering plastic surgery have a BMI below 30. If your BMI is above 30 and you want to reduce your weight, you should plan to achieve your goal in a healthy way.

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How long is healing for BBL?

Depending on how well one responds to the procedure, most patients can return to their normal activities six to eight weeks after surgery. After the fat cells have stabilized, more vigorous activities can resume, as they should be able to withstand the impact of fat-burning exercises such as jogging or running.