What can you not eat after LASIK surgery?

Can you go out to eat after LASIK?

With some types of surgery, you can’t eat before or after your procedure. LASIK isn’t like that. Patients are encouraged to eat a light meal ahead of time and drink plenty of water. Eating right after LASIK is fine too, but try to consume healing foods.

What should we eat after LASIK surgery?

5 foods that support strong vision

  • Fish. If you haven’t started eating seafood, now’s the time to begin. …
  • Leafy greens. Green vegetables have long been touted as superfoods for their many nutritious properties. …
  • Orange fruits and vegetables. …
  • Whole grains. …
  • Legumes.

Which fruit is good after eye operation?

Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits contain vitamin C and vitamin E in high quantity. Vitamin C is key for healthy eyes. Vitamin C and vitamin E are potent antioxidants which protect eye form eye diseases.

How many days rest is required after Lasik surgery?

Ans. Yes, on an average most people recover after a week to 10 days. Some take longer, even up to about 6 weeks.

Can I cry after LASIK?

It’s okay to cry after LASIK. Whether your eyes are watery or you happen to cry for an emotional reason, natural tears won’t harm the corneal flaps or hinder the healing process. Crying can actually help keep your eyes lubricated.

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Can we eat egg after eye operation?

Here are some foods to include in your menu following LASIK surgery. Protein contains amino acids. These amino acids help with wound healing and tissue regeneration. The best proteins to consume come from poultry, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products, lentils, beans and nuts.

Is rice good for the eye?

Whole Grains are good for your eyes, because they have a low glycemic index as opposed to other common types of carbs (white rice, pasta, processed bread). Eat foods like quinoa, brown rice and whole wheat and oats to protect your eyes. Whole grains also contain Vitamin E, Zinc and Niacin.

How do you wash your hair after Lasik?

Don’t take a shower or wash your hair until the day after. Avoid getting non-sterile water from shower, hair washing, etc. into your eyes during the first few days after surgery. Be careful when you’re in the shower or bath.

Can I eat bananas after surgery?

Soft Fruit (banana, papaya, berries, canned peaches or pears) Applesauce. Popsicles. Ice Cream, Milkshakes.

Can I watch TV after laser eye surgery?

It’s fine to watch TV after taking a nap following your LASIK procedure. However, smaller digital screens can irritate your eyes immediately after surgery.